Can’t Stand the Weight

"He's just too big for him," "size will definitely be a factor," "the key variable is the size difference." These are all terms we have heard countless times leading up to fights. Fans and analysts alike talk about size being such a tremendous advantage. This idea is largely a myth and even though there is… Continue reading Can’t Stand the Weight


Free Agency in MMA – Risk vs Reward

Fighter pay is one of the most consistently hot topics in the world of mixed martial arts. When compared to other sports, MMA doesn't pay out even close to the same percentage of revenue. A lot of this is due to the cost of running a global corporation that requires up-to-date marketing, public relations and… Continue reading Free Agency in MMA – Risk vs Reward

UFC 235

It’s Time to Unify the Unified Rules

Mixed martial arts is growing at an unreal pace. The recent deal between the UFC and ESPN is the biggest in the sport's young history. Fans are starting to become more educated by the day - and that makes things fun. When there is a mainstream buzz about an upcoming fight card, it's almost as… Continue reading It’s Time to Unify the Unified Rules