How to Drink Tecate

There’s no wrong way to enjoy an ice cold Tecate Mexican Lager. You can definitely just pop the top and enjoy. Some people like to make a michelada, which is basically a bloody Mary made with beer. Some like it in a frosted mug with lime juice at the bottom and a salted rim.

Personally, I like to keep things simple. When I googled “how to drink Tecate,” I didn’t find much help, which is why I decided to make the blog post and instructional video. If you have a cool drink hack or beer hack, why keep it to yourself, right?

So here is the way I think is the best way to garnish and consume a refreshing Tecate beer:

  1. Pop the top on the can and leave the tab vertical.
How to drink a Tecate step 1

2. Cut a lime in half and place it directly on top of the tab.

How to drink Tecate Mexican lager part 2

3. Squeeze and twist the lime juice into the Tecate.

Twist and squeeze, leave some juice on the top of the can for the salt to stick to.

4. Shake salt on the top of the can, the lime juice will help it stick. Be sure to get some into the opening of the can but be careful, it will start to fizz.

Salt to taste.

5. Enjoy your one-prop Tecate with lime and salt. re-apply salt as you go if desired.

The best part.

6. Celebrate the victory of the Mexican army over the French Empire in 1862 every Cinco de Mayo with at least 9-10 of these tasty Tecate limed-up beers.

Here is the video version of the recipe for those of you whose eyes get tired from reading easily.

That’s the answer to “how do you drink Tecate?” I hope you feel enlightened, informed and are on your way to feeling buzzed. Feel free to reach out on social media if you have other creative ways to enjoy Tecate or any other adult beverage for that matter.



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